about wallspace


wall space is a gallery focused on the craft of photography, featuring emerging and mid career artists. The gallery expands the definition of what a photograph is, our artists use alternative processes, mixed media and digital technology in crafting their stories

The gallery opened in 2005 in Seattle, showcasing local and national talents. We opened our Santa Barbara location in 2010 again taking the lead in showcasing artists who transcend the medium, looking to expand the photographic arts.

Gallery Artists are national and internationally known creative talents, whose artistic vision is well known for its imagination and originality. A selection of prints is available in the gallery in our flat files.

Our Online gallery is our virtual showcase exposing new artists with a creative contemporary vision. Prints are available for viewing by arrangement.

Collectible is our quarterly showcase of singular images at introductory pricing. Four focused collections per year showcase new artists, and images exclusive to the gallery’s program. Limited editions, affordable pricing, and unique images make this an important part of the gallery’s mission to promote our artists and advance the larger availability of photography as an art form. A selection of prints is available in the gallery, and all of the work is available for purchase online. To view specific images, please contact the gallery to make arrangements.


The Gallery Staff

Founder and Director, Crista Dix

Starting in this creative field as a photographer, collector and lover of the visual image, Crista decided to put down her camera and utilize her years of business management to help promote photographers and photography. With a background in science, business and creative arts, she has created a gallery space that celebrates artists’ vision. She has been a member of numerous panels and discussions, juried creative competitions and has participated in major portfolio reviews across the country.

  • in Santa Barbara:
  • Gallery Assistant – Melissa Leitch
  • Gallery Assistant – Dani Kroll


  • in Seattle:
  • Exhibition Coordinator – Susan Newbold


Art Advisory and Appraisal Services

Crista Dix and the associates of wall space can help with curating, collecting and acquisitions to your collection. If you are a new collector, or wish to add to your existing collection we are available to work on your behalf. The gallery is also available to assist with commissioned works and installation services.


Submission Policy

The gallery reviews portfolios in the gallery by appointment only.

Portfolio Reviews

wall space participates in numerous review events annually across the country, in Portland, Houston, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Chicago and New Orleans. The gallery also participates in Critical Mass, an online review event.


Portfolio Advising and Creative Consultation

If you wish to work with the gallery to fine tune your portfolio, or receive feedback on your work, we can schedule an appointment, and an appropriate fee will be charged. Please contact the gallery for more information.