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Bootsy Holler is an intuitive and innovative commercial and editorial photographer.  Best known for her remarkably sensitive style of portraiture, she also works in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for agencies, designers and music labels.


People is what Bootsy is know best for, but most often when she is displaying work in a fine art form the portraits tend to be object and oddities, places and scenes.  She loves to give feeling to the mundane and show everyone where beauty can be found.

She divides her time between Los Angeles and Seattle.


I've often wondered what it might be like to experience the frozen moments in my family photographs and be connected.  I want to understand my self better and my DNA so I can experience where I have come from and how these people have influenced my being.

The goal with "Visitor" is to reinterpret my intimate family snapshots, explore time, history, meet and understand family while blurring boundaries.  I’m trying to understand my ancestry and in particular my mother and why she is who she is.  To understand how I have been put together and created over generations and time through family to become me. I created a look driven by the era of each original photograph, pulling a wardrobe I’ve collected over the years and inherited from my grandmother, who was a seamstress.  By making a composite I’ve placed myself into each world I want to revisit.  I want to understand my family stories and memories through my research of each image and the feeling of setting myself back in the moment as I wait for the timer to snap the shot.

In my efforts to be authentic to the original photograph, I have matched the format of the original image:  some soft grain and blown out whites help match the old, authentic vintage feeling of each snap shot.  Each image is printed in the original size and placed on a black photo album page similar to how the images were found with white ink and handwritten text to guild the viewer through the album. 

Framed work comes in a shadow box, 13’ x 13”, the image floats on black archival mat board with handwritten white ink.  Attached to each frame is a magnifying glass so the viewer can take a closer look.